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『 Stylish ★ Graphic 』

theme challenge

『stylish ★ graphic』
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You found your way to a challenging JRock graphic community and are welcomed to join ^___^~

How this is going to work

[1]I will announce a theme after that you may make your graphics, like 'star' or 'live'
[2]you can create icons, which have to be a set of 20, wallpapers in a set of 5 and of course you are welcomed to design a layout as well (you don't have to do all categories though)
[3]you can claim one artist per category (icon/wallpaper/layout) but not the same each category per theme! If a whole band is claimed you can still apply for a single member. Apply at the post where I announce the theme.
[4]themes will change every 2 weeks, what means you have 2 weeks for creating and posting
[5]use LJ-cut for posting and keep teasers small (especially wallpapers and layouts)
[6]comment on the work of others, cause you want to receive comments as well, right? ^^ Keep your comments nice, even when you give critics.
[7]Credit unless it is said otherwise
[8]please no fake cuts! I may delete fake cut posts.
[9]enjoy! ^^

you may post this way: